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Meaning of NERD Show

The Meaning of NERD Show is a high-production video series focused on analyzing the philosophies of your favorite cartoons, anime & more. From Tom & Jerry & Spongebob, all the way to Attack on Titan & Naruto.

Dissecting Minds

Dissecting Minds is a Video Series focused on using Psychology to analyze various strange minds. From the insane mind of The Joker all the way to more relatable characters like Darth Vader, Zuko & more.

Philosopher Reacts

Philosopher Reacts is an unscripted series where I use Philosophy to dissect various Movies & TV Shows. From Plato & Socrates, all the way to Nietzsche & Kierkegaard. From The Godfather all the way to Star Wars.

The Book Nerd

The Book NERD is a series focused on analyzing various Books. Presenting all of the Philosophies & Life Lessons they have to offer. From 1984 & Animal Farm, all the way to Man's Search for Meaning & Plato's the Republic.

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