The Philosophical Nerds

The Membership for those who want the basic Experience. Thank you so much, you are Amazing!



The Modern Homers

Do you love Books? Great! Now you have Access to the Website Exclusive Book NERD Series as well!!



The Buddhist Monks

This Tier is optional. But if you want to pay this much, you have my Eternal Gratitude, something a real Buddhist appreciates more than any material possessions. Thank you SOO MUCH, I LOVE YOU!!

(You get a 25% Discount on Merch as well)



The Jungian Analysts

I am no Expert, but for those who are willing to pay this much, I would love to take some time off my day, to have a one-on-one Call with them. As a teacher, I've often had my students tell me that they see me as their Therapist because of all the Advice I provided them with, so I'd love to do the same for you!

(This is not in any way replacement for the Help of an Expert. Take your Mental Health seriously!)



The Platonic Lovers

Just like Platonic Love, there is not much more I can offer you at this Tier. This is basically a pure statement of love from your part. So let me make this clear: I will forever love you!! Like seriously, THANK YOU SOOOO INCREDIBLY MUCH!!



The Socratic Paradox

Socrates used to love making Paradoxical Statements like: "I know that I know nothing." Therefore, if you are actually willing to pay this much, well, I simply can't believe it!! I would even say that: "I know that you won't pay that much." - Wanna prove me wrong? 😉

(But seriously, THANK YOU SO MUCH! You're Amazing & helping out a lot. I will make sure to Shout you out whenever I can!!)